Our Mission

A highlight reel of paradise for photographers, Western Canada and the US offer wild beaches, old growth rainforests, unique wildlife, refined gardens, majestic mountains as just a few of its photo subjects. While based in the Pacific Northwest, our leaders have travelled the globe to capture the best that our beautiful earth has to offer.

Our mission is to bring avid photographers to the earth's most beautiful places at the right time of year to photograph subjects in the best light. Since we are part of the global community we use our photographs to ensure that 

Our Leaders

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Our tour leaders are personable, friendly, and above all, passionate about photography and sharing the beauty of our wonderful world with “guests and locals”.  They have developed plans A, B and if necessary plan C in case of sudden weather changes, interests of the group and time constraints to ensure that you see the best locations in the right light. We trust that you will leave the tour feeling like you just hung out with long time friends and that you will return to join us on another adventure.

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Our Lore

A “know before you go” guide, our blog will bring you information about magical locations, interesting cultural background lore and information on traveling to the same workshop locations that we visit. We will share our scouting stories and occasionally feature local photographers and artists who inspire us daily to bring you the postcard views that awe even the most discerning traveller. 

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